We have an ever optimistic pillar of support for a Chairman. Shri Hansraj Mutha, Chairman and Head of Finance, is one of the most vital board members. He has got the company’s back since its inception and has been giving major inputs for the same. Being the eldest son of the family,

It was in 1972, when he made the life changing decision of entering his father’s business. Since then, he did not look back and his first international operation was that of consignment of textiles to the Republic of Maldives in 1983. He was the one who secured the order for the same .In 1977, MM exports imported paper products from Brazil and products including crude drugs, menthol, milk powder, cloves, gambier, cinnamon and more spreading its wings to places like Germany, Taiwan, Maldives and Japan and Shri Hansraj Mutha proved to be a backbone for the same.

He stands strong, lifting the company up along with him, crossing all the hurdles in the way. One fitting example for this is when he did not fail to overcome the import restrictions with his knack in business and the strong network of international contacts that he can boast about. His passion, fervor, deep commitment has driven MM Exports to where it is now and has helped the company move on from a traditional set up to a corporate one.

One of the most notable contributions of his is instilling real estate business to the firm. He also expanded the stainless steel business and played a key role in importing olive oil from Spain. In 1977, MM Exports imported paper products from Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Crude Drugs, Menthol, Gambia, cloves, milk powder, cinnamon, Kasia and supplied to manufacturers of Ayurvedic Medicines. Shri Hansraj Mutha played an effective and efficient role in making this happen.

His commendable contribution includes and efficient installation of an administrative centre cum warehouse at Tuticorin which was followed with the investment on General cargo ships and 2 Tugs and Barges. He is also a proud bearer of the celebrated Rajasthan Shree Award in 2005, for his benefactions in the religious field.

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