Refractory Fire Bricks

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Refractory Fire Bricks

Our fire bricks, slabs & blocks are manufactured strictly by specification. Our group has supplied high-quality fire bricks since the past five decades.

Our fire bricks are of superior quality providing maximum performance with zero defects. With our years of refractory knowledge, our bricks are preffered by Steel, Power, Fertilizer, Sugar & Power Plants accross India. We can provide briks from IS-6, IS-8 quality upto 90% Alumina bricks, our range includes low ferric, high alumina, siliminite, magnasite bricks. We can manufacture these bricks in a number of shapes & sizes.

Our 70% Alumina Brick known in India as 'DuraBrick' is a great success, it is our highest selling bricks (by MT). Major industries have specified our bricks for there furnaces, laddles & boilers. We are able to achieve such quaity as we keep a strict watch on our manufacturers production process and get these manufactured strictly by specification. Then complete sorting & random lab testing is done for every lot. We have been following these proceders for the last four decades to ensure the best quality for our customers.

Refractory Fire Bricks


Please forward us any requirements of High-Quality Fire Bricks, we shall send you our technical literatures, samples, customer satisfaction letters, etc. Our experienced refractory engineers can also come down to your plant to access your requirements.


Since our products have been so successful in the Indian market, a substantial percntage of our fire brick sales have been for exports. We are currently suppling our bricks to Africa, Middle East, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Nepal. We do complete pallating, fumigation, documentation, etc for export sales.

Please contact us anytime for your refractory requirements, We provide complete design, engineering, turnkey, application & supervision services. Our experiences refractory engineers can help you find the appropriate product and help you achive a higher life and better performace for your furnaces, boilers, laddles & various heat equipments.


Product Details:

Resistance Durability

Fire Resistant, Heat Resistant, Water Resistant

For Use in

Roof, Floor

Size (Inches)

12 In. X 4 In. X 2 In.

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