Acid Resistant Brick

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Acid Resistant Brick

They are used as flooring lining in many kinds of chemical reactors, towers (including drying towers, absorption towers, etc.), and tanks of acids & other chemicals in chemical factories, fertilizer factories, sulphuric acid factories, iron & steel factories, etc. They are used as lining of antiseptic pools and ditches.


  • Using oxalic acid to wash the surface of concrete and tiles, make it neutralization of acid and alkali
  • Usually, we use colophony, araldite, acid-proof cement to install the tiles
  • The slot between the tiles is usually 8 -10mm. It's better to make the slot thickness is same as the thickness as the tile thickness to prevent from chemical leakage
  • Using the oxalic acid to wash the surface of the floor after the installation

Acid Resistant Brick

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