Managing Director

Managing Director


Being an epitome of dedication and hard work that he is, Shri Ramesh Mutha likely followed in his father, Mr. Mohanlal Mutha’s footsteps to master the art of business and adding a touch of warm personality to every work he does.

Having earned his commerce degree from Madras University, one of nation’s top universities, he then devoted his career to his own family’s business in the year 1981, foregoing his dream to become an IAS Officer.

Who prove to be able minded to build strong, trustworthy and long lasting business relationships, convert even meagerly potential clients to time honored partners and inspire people in large number to follow him/her with no second thoughts. One such leader is Shri Ramesh Mutha.

He jumps at every opportunity he gets and strives every moment not to disappoint people in his work and personal life.

His career accelerated in his own fast pace, and at one point his business had nowhere to go but up. A technologically conscious, highly driven ball of energy that he is, he took a tenfold leap in the business by managing projects including housing, port development, airport expansion, shore protection, sea walls, fuel tanks, island reclamation and road development.

His hugest contribution to business was the instillation of export feature in to the same. From exporting Sandstones to Japan (From Ciatho), garment to South Africa, builders’ hardware to Nigeria to spices to Singapore, sandstones to the UK, sanitary ware to Angola and Maldives, he has done them all.

He also played a pivotal role in introducing Mohan Mutha Exports in to the shipping Arena. He put personal efforts in purchasing shipping vessels, giving importance to perfection and proved to be instrumental in overall shipping and logistics device.

One more striking contribution is when he add construction services to Mohan Mutha Exports.
The company then proceeded to work in a fast, upscale movement capturing business in sectors such as the supply of luxury yachts, resort development, rainwater harvesting kits and more.He stands at the forefront of one of the fastest moving industries and has served succored as former Regional Chairman of EEPC- India (Formerly known as Engineering Exports Promotion Council sponsored by Ministry of Commerce & Govt. of India) and now gloriously serves as the Chairman of EEPC Committee in Trade with Northern and Western Africa. Being a calculated risk taker, he was also appointed as the President of Southern India Rajasthan Chambers of Commerce & Industry.He has travelled to nooks and corners of India, trying to embrace every business opportunity as well as to procure the best deals for raw material supply.

Also, from starting as a member of the greatly reputed Export Promotion Council, he went on to become the first north Indian to have taken the position of regional Chairman. He also headed India to the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and India and participated in the Obama Business meet. At Mohan Mutha Exports Pvt. Ltd. he is the pivotal leader, championing the complete overhaul, being the commanding member of the board and the Managing Director of the Company.At Mohan Mutha exports, he devoted himself to carve each steps taken by giving importance to even a hairline of detail. He radiates a steady passion, proving as an agent of change to enter in to sectors such as housing supply for Tsunami relief projects, rain water harvesting and purveying materials to international organizations like UNICEF, UNGM, UNDP, UNOPS, British Red Cross, American Red Cross and French Red Cross. Not just that, his eye and will for giving it back to the society is also deeply appreciable.

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