Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination System

Reverse Osmosis Plant
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Desalination Plant



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 Submersible Pump


 Submersible Motor


 The range of Submersible pump starts from 3" Submersible water pump to 10" Submersible water pump. These water pumps are available with CE Standards as well. The Submersible water pump range is manufactured in different type of materials and thus is divided in different types which are Stainless Steel Submersible Pump, Cast Iron Submersible Pump.

 Submersible motor is available in Cast Iron, SS 304 cladding, super stainless steel, Bronze Construction. Company Lubi Offers Submersible motors from 3" to 6" oil filled and from 3" to 10" water filled up to 250 HP.

Industrial Pump


Domestic Pump


We supply Centrifugal pump, End Suction Pumps, Back pull out pump, Horizontal Split Case pump, Monoblock pump, Standardized pump, Closed Coupled pump, and Vertical Multistage pump. The Industrial pump very popular for Industrial applications and used as Circulation pumps, Pressure booster pump, Fire fighting pump, Dewatering, Drainage and Sewage pump, Rural water supply, Community water supply, Irrigation and Drip Irrigation in Agriculture Industry.

Domestic Pump starting from 0.5 HP to 3 HP Single Phase, with Centrifugal and Centripetal impellers are available in different models. These pumps are generally used as Garden Pumps, Domestic water supply, Swimming pool pumps, Sump pump and pressure booster application.

Batching Plant with Universal Feeding System On-Wheel-Batching-Plant
Batching Plant with Inline Feeding System Batching-Plant-wiht-Inline-feeding-System
Batching Plant with Boom Scrapper Boom-Scrapper-Concrete-Batching-Plant
Concrete Mixer with Hopper Concrete-Mixer-with-Hopper
Concrete Mixer without Hopper Concrete-Mixer-without-Hopper
Tower Hoist Tower-Hoist
Tough Rider Tough-Rider
Slab Trolley Slab-Trolley
Vibrator Vibrator
Block Making Machines Block-Making-Machine_big




The block is an engineered building product that sets you free from routine use for external and internal walls. It offers a wide range of thickness and also the flexibility to design your wall thickness as per your need SIZES: • 400 MM (L) X 200 MM (W) X 200 MM (H), 400 MM (L) X 200 MM (W) X 150 MM (H), • 400 MM (L) X 200 MM (W) X 100 MM (H), 300 MM (L) X 100MM (W) X 150 MM (H), • 300 MM (L) X 100MM (W) X 200 MM (H), 300 MM (L) X 150MM (W) X 200 MM (H), • 200 MM (L) X 200 MM (W) X 400 MM (H), 150 MM (L) X 200 MM (W) X 400 MM (H)


• 60 pc / pallet for 200 mm thickness • 80 pc / pallet for 150 mm thickness • 120 pc / pallet for 100 & 75 mm thickness Packed In Wooden Pallet As Per Standard Export Packing



We produce one of the best quality of baked bricks going through all the standards as required. Bricks can also be produced with clients logo emarked on it. Standard size: 9"(l) x 4.5 " (w) x 3 " (h) weight will be 3-3.2 kg / pc


Jumbo bag packing with 320 pc / bag and can also be provided in standard export wooden pallet packing. 1 Tonne Jumbo bag = 320 pc