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    Product Description: FLUDISED MEDIA REACTOR The FMR technology is a single tank design unit; incorporating A bar screen, A specially designed tank with synthetic media, A lamella settler, and A chlorine contact tank. The bar screen removes larger floating matter and suspended particles. Screened sewage flows into the FMR tank, which contains the FMR media. The FMR media significantly increases the surface area for bacterial growth. Air is supplied through fine diffusers. Bacteria oxidise the organic matter present in the sewage. Oxidised sewage overflows in the lamella settler. Suspended particles in the treated wastewater settle, with a part of the settled sludge sliding back to the aeration tank. The lamella plates provide larger surface areas, thus reducing the settling tank size. Treated water overflows into a chlorine contact tank, wherein the treated water is disinfected by dosing hypochlorite solution through an electronic dosing system. View Details

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